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We all know (or are) someone who refuses to reach their daily H2O quota, so perhaps one just needs a little sprucing up of their water receptacle. Plus, with an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic waste entering the global marine environment each year, having your own bottle is no longer a want, it’s a planetary need. Our Sacred Geometry Water bottle set is the perfect gift to those who need a little more water in their lives. Let's quench thirst, and give the planet a little break too. This 1litre bottle with Recycled leather strap is ideal for use every day to increase your water intake on the go. Just fill with water purified by these charcoal sticks and place in the sunlight for at least an hour to allow UV rays to energise the water.



Complimentary Gift Wrapping Included

Lets us make your gift giving easier with complimentary gift wrapping for all our Gift sets.

To include a hand written note placed in beautiful wax sealed paper collateral with your order, please leave a note in the "special instructions for seller" or "gift message" box or contact us via email at shop@shackpalacerituals.com immediately after the order has been placed, referencing your order number and the card’s personal message to include.

We will write your message on one of our Shackpalace branded cards and seal in a plain black envelope. If you would prefer to purchase some of our recycled handmade paper and/ or envelopes, please add them to your order here