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Warming Muscle Rub

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Handcrafted by The Alchemy of Plant and Sun

Made in: Goonengerry, Hinterland of Byron Bay, NSW


Size: 50mL

Bursting with aromas, herbs and oils to penetrate deep into muscle pains. A heating blend of essential oils, that are set into local beeswax, home-grown chili infused sesame oil and herbal infusions to heal damaged muscles.



Massage into sore muscles. Allow the warming sensation seep into muscles. Keep hands away from sensitive areas ensure hands are washed after massage.




^ wildcrafted

+ homegrown

Chilli+ infused sesame oil*; sunflower oil* infused with: mugwort+, rosemary+, St John's Wort*, white oak bark*, comfrey+, mullein^, gravelroot*, skullcap* & arnica*; linseed oil*; beeswax+; cayenne powder*; cinnamon powder*; comfrey leaf powder+, comfrey root powder*; essential oils of: cajeput*, rosemary*, ironbark^, juniper*, ginger*, black pepper*, wintergreen*, menthol*, clary sage* & camphor*



Packaged in: Miron Violet Glass 50ml Cosmetic Jar