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Tube by Grafa

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Handmade copper garden trowel

Reclaimed, single piece copper tube trowel.

Designed specifically for digging in established garden beds, courtyard and balcony gardens, as well as indoors. 
Ideal for planting seedlings and bulbs, as well as removing weeds.
Can be used in slightly more difficult or clayish soils as well.



Copper can be cleaned after use with a damp rag. 
Over time a natural patina will emerge which can be enjoyed for it’s own beauty. The patina will come and go with use in the soil, more use means less patina. If preferred, this patina can be removed with either a fine grade stainless steel wool (copper) or a medium grade scotch-brite (bronze). You can even use a high quality metal polish.

It is strongly recommended to keep tools out of the weather and away from harsh garden chemicals or household cleaners.