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Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay
Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay
Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay

Scoop by Grafa

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Handmade copper & bronze garden scoop

With bronze tool head, copper ferrule and kiln dried spotted gum hardwood timber handle.

Designed specifically for potting indoors and out. Ideal for transferring potting mix, compost or loose soils. Not for prising difficult soils, stones or roots.

The timber handles are slightly rounded at the end with a radius for extra comfort and oiled with UV protection. They are also longer in length than they appear here.

Length: 295mm
Weight: 250gms
Handle: 150mm length, 25mm diam



Copper can be cleaned after use with a damp rag. 
Over time a natural patina will emerge which can be enjoyed for it’s own beauty. The patina will come and go with use in the soil, more use means less patina. If preferred, this patina can be removed with either a fine grade stainless steel wool (copper) or a medium grade scotch-brite (bronze). You can even use a high quality metal polish.

The timber handles are Corymbia Maculata, a species of Spotted Gum Eucalypt specifically selected for tool handles because it doesn’t splinter (similar properties to Hickory). The timber is also kiln dried for strength and stability. The ends are now finished with a radius (rounded end) for comfort and the timber oiled with UV protection.
The Spotted Gum comes from native, renewable, sustainably managed and harvested forests on the East Coast of Australia.

It is strongly recommended to keep tools out of the weather and away from harsh garden chemicals or household cleaners.