LEPAAR SKINCARE Mini Genesis Set - Shackpalace Rituals
LEPAAR SKINCARE Mini Genesis Set - Shackpalace Rituals

Lepaar Mini Genesis Set

The sweetest starter set to awaken your skin's natural beauty by strengthening elasticity, repairing sun damage, boosting circulation, and smoothing lines:



Johanna's Process

"My finely orchestrated combinations of sun-infused whole plant extracts work synergistically to balance our skin's natural function, support regenerative processes and restore elasticity.

The tangible results are vital low, radiant complexion, and healthy skin strong enough to withstand our daily contact with the world and all it's joys (and excesses). All completely natural. 

Thanks so much for supporting our wholistic journey. Hope you'll enjoy!"


All our whole plant extracts are sun-infused by us on our Kangaroo Valley farm in certified Demeter biodynamic Olive oil


We gather the most pristine herbs, grown in natural soil, tended by soulful people, harvested at their aromatic peak, and air-dried or sun-cured.

We then steep these aromatic symphony in biodynamic Olive oil for 4-6 months in glass, turning the urns daily with the sun – like a vigneron would rotate his champagne bottles.

We watch the colour transfer from the plant parts into the oil, creating an entirely new nectar all together: a perfectly balanced expression of the plant's healing properties, it's provenance, and it's life.

But really, it all starts with good, healthy and natural soil, and our skincare is about respecting, honouring and protecting planet Earth just as much as the skin we're in.