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Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay
Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay
Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay
Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay


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A ritual for one in need of stillness.. or for someone who is already an avid yogi to build upon their practice.

The BEL Meditation Candle uses fire, gravity, and sound to measure time... the wax will melt and, eventually, a pin will fall, releasing a soft bell sound to signify the passing of time. For meditation, one can fix a gaze on the flame, while holding the clear quartz for expansion of the crown chakra. Surrounded by the smell of Incense made only with the purest fragrant woods from Awaji Island, Japan. Experience the timeless quality of air being charged with the spirit of rain in this beautiful botanical essence while listening out for the drop of a pin to signify the end of a session.



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