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Haruna Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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Organic Ceremonial grade Matcha is grown and ground in Kagoshima, Japan.

Grown following the strict regulations set by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards of Organic Products) , Haruna is suited to all those looking for a Certified Organic Ceremonial grade Matcha.

Organic Matcha requires a lot more effort to be grown, and even more when it needs to meet the high quality requirements of a true Ceremonial grade.

This matcha is a rare organic blend that showcases an outstanding emerald green colour which brews a bold, intense yet smooth liquor that bursts with roasted notes, earthy flavours and lingering Umami, all delivered in a velvety and silky texture.

Flavour profile: Full-body and earthy Matcha with roasted notes, light astringency and persistent Umami.

Colour: Deep Emerald Green

Harvest: Young and tender hand picked leaves from the first spring harvest of the season. Tea plants have been shade grown for 24 days to maintain high levels of L-Theanine and minimize astringency.

Origin: Grown and hand-picked in Kagoshima, located within the Kyushu Island, South of Japan.

Suggested use: Ideal to be brewed in Usu-Cha style (thin Matcha), Coldbrew Iced Matcha and Koi-cha (thick tea).

We recommend to prepare this Matcha using our Black Bamboo Whisk for better aeration of the tea resulting in a creamy texture.

60gram option is packaged in biophotonic glass jar. Jar includes two sealed 30gram packets of matcha.