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Genius Blend

Certified Organic Herbal Tea Blend

Our genius tea blend came about when I was looking for a pick me up during an afternoon working on the computer, but didn’t want anything with caffeine in it which I find can affect my ability to sleep at night.  

 Recently there has been a lot of interest in Nootropics – substances that can help improve our cognitive function including memory, creativity, motivation & concentration.   For centures, there have been many herbs used in traditional Aryuvedic & Chinese medicine that are now also being scientifically shown to have positive effects on our brain’s health & longevity, helping keep us smart for longer.   Not only are these herbs used to improve mood & cognitive function, reduce stress & anxiety levels, and improve learning & memory but they may have protective effects against neurologic disorders such as Parkinsons disease as well as Alzheimers & other dementias.


I’ve blended together some of our favourite high performance brain herbs with the delicious flavour of hibiscus tea to create our genius blend.  Enjoy daily to help keep your brain young & health and your neurons happily firing!


Biophotonic Glass Bottle: 45grams

Refill: 90grams (2 x 45gram cello bags for easy refilling)

Ingredients: Tulsi, Brahmi, Rhodiola (roseroot), Ashwaganda Root, Gingko Biloba, Hibiscus.  

All Ingredients are certified organic


Brewing Directions: Place 1 tbsp of tea in 1 cup very hot water (not boiling) and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes.


Bottled in: Biophotonic Glass Apothecary Jar with Sacred Geometry Etched Lid


Contents may settle. Shake before use.