Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay
Shackpalace Rituals- homewares Byron Bay

Face Mask Kit

Alchemised in the Byron Bay hinterland from homegrown, wildcrafted and certified organic ingredients.

Be your own alchemist. 


Select your choice of clay, exfoliant and hydrosol to blend together to create your own personalised face mask to suit your skin and ritual. 



With care, spoon out 1 teaspoon of clay into a bowl. If you are deepening the work, add your chosen exfoliate, blend. Drip by drip, add hydrosol and mix until a paste is created. With your intention, paint the clay onto face. Allow to dry. Once dry, wash off with warm water and a face washer. Follow with a nourishing serum and feel self care in the skin.



For ingredients see individual product pages.

Clays: Calm Clay, Detox Clay

Exfoliates: Deep Cleanse Exfoliant, Soft and Subtle Exfoliant

Hydro-sols: Cleanse Sol, Soothe Sol, Hazel Rose Sol