Euca Clay Cooking Pot
Euca Clay Cooking Pot
Euca Clay Cooking Pot
Euca Clay Cooking Pot
Euca Clay Cooking Pot
Euca Clay Cooking Pot

Euca Clay Cooking Pot

Euca is an earth-based cooking vessel designed for anyone and everyone. A 3L pot that can feed from one person up to eight, depending how hungry you are. Cook curries, casseroles, soups, rice or anything you please. Euca is 100% oven proof & can be used on any stovetop with the supplied simmer mat

You’ll love cooking with Euca.



cooking on gas, stovetop & ceramic

- never put your clay pot on a heat source without a simmer mat.

- always heat the simmer mat & clay pot together (never preheat the simmer mat before use).

- never let the gas flame extend beyond the simmer mat.

-  heat on the lowest setting first & gradually raise heat over time.

- for gas stove, place simmer mat knobs facing up.

- for glass, ceramic & induction cook tops, face simmer mat knobs DoWN.

the purpose of the simmer mat is to evenly distribute the heat to avoid thermal shock which can cause cracking.

cooking in the oven

- always place your pot in the oven before preheating (to ensure that your pot is not shocked and heated evenly. following this, placing an already heated pot back in the oven is safe).

- always handle your heated pot with hand protection, as pots get very hot.


- allow your clay pot to cool before storing in the refrigerator.

- rest your heated pot on a cork mat, wooden board or trivet.

- never rest your heated pot on a cold surface.

- make sure your pot is dry before storing away.


- hand wash with warm soapy water.

- for tough to clean spots, fill pot with soapy water & soak. use steel wool or abrasive scourer.

to avoid cracking, never expose your pot to sudden or extreme temperature changes & to follow the information above. your pot likes to be heated slowly.