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Calm Clay Mask

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Handcrafted by Alchemy Plant & Sun


Homegrown and handmade in: Goonengerry, Hinterland of Byron Bay, NSW


Size: 55g


An offering of organic pink rose petals for floral delicacy, blended with rosehips wealth of nutrients and the silken effect of natural oatmeal. Rose petals have been recognised for many centuries for their extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. This calming combination surely tones and firms the skin, reducing the effects of stress and aging, bringing with it, a serene vitality for skin to glow.

Combine with a choice of one of our floral hydrosols to create the mask and herbal exfoliates to deepen the work.



With care, spoon out 1 teaspoon of clay into a bowl. If you are deepening the work, add your chosen exfoliate, blend. Drip by drip, add hydrosol, or your liquid of choice, and mix until a paste is created. With your intention, paint the clay onto face. Allow to dry. Once dry, wash off with warm water and a face washer. Follow with a nourishing serum and feel self care in the skin.


Botanical elements:

Red clay^; pink rose petal powder*; rosehip powder*; oatmeal colloidal powder*.



^ wildcrafted

+ homegrown