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Brass Towel Hanger

Designed by Masanori Oji and made by Futagami, Japan.

Founded in 1897, FUTAGAMI has a long history of making brass artifacts used in the Buddhist traditions. Brass products gradually change their colour over the course of many years dues to oxidisation. The longer they are used, the richer they become.

Simple, brass towel hangers with brass screws. The small is suitable for a small hand towel/face washer, the large suitable for large hand towel/smaller bath towel. Please note the sizes below.

Dimensions (mm):

Brass Towel Hanger Large w355mm x d37mm x h38mm
Brass Towel Hanger Small w194mm x d37mm x h38mm

4 brass screws supplied: 12mm long thread

Note: The intention for installation of the towel hangers is for screwing directly into wood. If you are intending to install through multiple layers or into tile, plasterboard etc please note length of screws and check with your installer.

Material: Brass