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2018 'GO-JUICE' Black Tea

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'GO-JUICE' is a black tea from Yunnan, pressed into single-serve ~8g mini cakes.

The convenient form factor makes these easy to brew in many different styles. Designed as a workhorse black tea that can replace anyone's daily drinking tea.

Steeped lighter, the tea has a fruity fragrance and taste, and is smooth and easy to drink. Steeped heavier, the tea can hold up to milk and sugar to make a malty, smooth treat without that tannic bite. 

This is tea for everybody, even the most staunch and stubborn drinker. Tea for the people.

The tea was made and pressed in Spring 2018. Each purchase is for a single mini-cake, which vary between 7-8 grams each.


How do I brew my tea? 

Brew this tea using boiling water. 

Kuura have put together a simple guide for brewing their tea here.

Tea is very easy to make, and can be made in a variety of different ways and still taste good.

Another simple way is to simply put a small amount of tea leaves in a large mug of hot water. Let it cool, then sip away. Top it back up with hot water and repeat until there is no flavour left.