Tarot Reading Ritual

-1 hour reading $149

A Tarot reading with the highly intuitive Simone is a heart centred and healing experience as she combines her psychic abilities of clairvoyance (clear vision), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling) with Tarot Cards and can inform you of past, present and future events and emotions.

Her awakened presence assists you in discovering another level of understanding, as she guides you in all areas of love, family, health and business, while also empowering and encouraging you with this knowledge and awareness.

Readings with Simone at Shackpalace Byron Bay create a sacred, spiritual space where you can focus on the energy that surrounds you and the guides that protect you. Welcoming in positive change with a greater sense of connection, passion and purpose.  

    • You are welcomed with love and smiles, and receive your choice of Shackpalace herbal tea or water on arrival.
    • Sit comfortably in our safe and completely private space in our Byron Bay store.
    • There is no rush to begin the reading ritual… Relax and connect with the environment, breathe and ground.
    • Candles, divine crystals (and incense if you wish) will create a sacred and cleansed space for the reading to begin.
    • A mix of different Tarot and Oracle Cards/Decks are used to clarify each other and your unique message in the reading.
    • You are welcome to record the reading on your mobile phone or take quick notes if there is no distraction to you.
    • Yes you can ask questions! The clearer your question, the clearer the answer so think carefully as you frame your questions.
    • After the reading you will have the opportunity to have a private shopping experience within the Shackpalace store if so desired. 

PLEASE NOTE: The cards are a meditative tool, for channeling and unlocking the truths and creative narratives within you. The Tarot will tell you what they deem to be the most important message and information for you, and your life’s journey, at the time of your reading. Allowing you to better understand and appreciate yourself as you are and to explore the potential of who you might become within this modern environment. The reading can uncover some authentic ideas about oneself, so we do only recommend these for people who are confident in their levels of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love. Remember we all already have all the answers within us… the cards are used to shine a light on what we already know. We are all one and connected, the universe is an amazing place and we are a creation of free will.


Please email shop@shackpalacerituals.com or text Simone on 0406039343 for more information or to arrange a reading for yourself or a loved one. Simone is currently available for 1 hour readings Monday-Friday from 4pm-5pm.

Readings are held in our Byron Bay store. Shackpalace Rituals: Shop 8,1 Porter Street, Byron Bay NSW, 2481.