Our Philosophy

Self Empowered Living.
At Shackpalace we want to contribute to the creation of a world where we are all empowered as individuals. There is a disturbing trend in today’s society where large corporations, including government are increasingly creating systems that enslave & control us, resulting in a population of disempowered, stressed and often unwell people. 
Most of us have become accustomed to giving away our power on a daily basis; whenever we shop without reading the ingredients, whenever we use products that we have no idea where they came from and how they were made, whenever we are conditioned by advertising to constantly consume, whenever we continue to do the same thing without ever questioning it or asking ‘why?’.
The first step in regaining our power is to become informed. When we learn about the products we use and the ingredients we consume and we self-experiment with what works best for us we are empowered to nourish our bodies and heal ourselves. When we are involved in the building and design of our homes and when we know where the objects in our homes come from and the intention with which they were created we have a connection to them.
Whilst we can always learn from others with wisdom and specific knowledge, we do not need to rely on any other individual, company or government to tell us what products to buy, use or consume.
We believe that we all have our own intuitive wisdom and that no one knows what you need in your home, or your body than you. Be your own alchemist, self- experiment and empower yourself in all aspects of your life.