Our Family

The Macchia Family from left to right; Lorna, Samara, Tascha & Frank.



Shackpalace is a family owned and run business, born from the skills and passions of the different members of our family of four. 

Frank Macchia founded his first building design studio over 30 years ago as a new Architecture graduate and has since worked on many different projects throughout Australia including restaurants, cafes and wellness centres, however the majority of his work, (which you can view here) is designing inspiring spaces for people to live in.

His interest in philosophy and human nature has led him on an ongoing journey of questioning the way we live in our homes, from the design & construction including materials, size and layout, to the rituals we perform in each space.  His driving passion is to encourage the creation of homes that inspire a simpler way of living that not only serves us as individuals but better serves the world around us. From this vision, the Shackpalace concept was born.

Our first Shackpalace home was a guest home in Noosa, which is now available to book on AirBnb. This home was designed by Frank with the rest of the family involved in the interior styling and management of the home.

Through working with talented artisans on designing and curating pieces for this home, eldest daughter, Samara started sourcing pieces for our retail store, Shackpalace Rituals which opened in Byron Bay and online in November 2017. Samara continues to manage and curate our online and retail stores. 

Shackpalace mumma; Lorna who has a background as a sports dietitian, creates our delicious recipes & tea blends, writes our food blogs, and helps with the sourcing and designing of many of our 'cooking ritual' products. She also manages the Noosa guest home, and is the office manager for the Design Studio. 

Youngest daughter, Tascha is a personal trainer and runs her own business; Wilda. She has also been involved in many parts of the Shackpalace business since the beginning.

Since launching Shackpalace, Frank has designed a collection of unique Shackpalace style homes for clients and we recently completed our family home in Bangalow NSW which the whole family has been involved in from design to helping with construction & landscaping. 

Our retail store outgrew its original space tucked away at the back of the Byron Industrial Estate in 2018, and is now located in the Habitat precinct (1 Porter Street, Byron Bay) and our product curation continues to grow and develop. We have also begun sharing videos on our YouTube channel and IGTV where we 'Question the way we live in our homes, so that we can all live better'.

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Lorna, Samara, Tascha & Frank outside our family home in Bangalow NSW.