Byron Store

At Shackpalace Rituals we love the idea of paring back the clutter in our homes, and surrounding ourselves with objects that serve us best, inspiring through their aesthetics, sustainability and usefulness. We source beautiful, artisan objects & ingredients that have been created with integrity & honesty and can be incorporated simply into purposeful & mindful daily rituals. We are continually sourcing new items and creating new rituals. We welcome all to come visit us at our Byron Bay Concept Store, too indulge in all the senses our beloved pieces have to offer in person.

Open: Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm | Saturday: 10am - 4pm | Sunday 10am - 2pm
Virtual & in store private shopping appointments are available outside of these times. Click here to book or email us at 

[Pictured above] Our In-store team- Samara, Simone & Pakaria.