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At Shackpalace we believe in paring back the clutter in our homes, and surrounding ourselves with objects that serve us best and inspire through their beauty, sustainability and usefulness.
Incorporating these objects into purposeful & mindful rituals can have an enriching effect, helping create calmness & clarity in our lives.   
The simple act of making a cup of tea, for example, can be turned into a ritual by using a well considered blend of organic tea leaves brewed in a beautiful artisan teapot, and taking the time to sit down and enjoy it while reflecting on your day.  Similarly we have explored the functions of each room within a home and how we best create rituals which make our lives easier, healthier and more fun.
Shackpalace Rituals source beautiful objects and ingredients and incorporate them into handcrafted Ritual Slabs for your home.  We are very excited to introduce these to you very soon on both our online shop and in our Byron Bay store.
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