Cloud Hidden Tea

Please note: All tea ceremonies have been paused until further notice.  


Cloud Hidden Tea is taking residence at our Byron Bay store throughout November and December 2019.

Perhaps you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in your tea. Without a cloud, there will be no rain; without rain, there is no water; and without water, we cannot make tea.

The cloud is essential for the tea to exist and yet it is hidden from our sight. Within this simple act lies something deeper.

Tea provides a space to re-connect the human life to our place within the world which was somehow lost along the way.

Cloud Hidden seeks to return us back to that place by sourcing tea that grown with respect, allowing people the opportunity to experience tea ceremony and giving people the skills to share tea.



We will be holding regular tea tastings and discussions in our Byron Bay store. This is a wonderful opportunity to try some of the worlds most pure, high quality teas and learn more about this powerful medicine. Tea tastings are complimentary and do not require bookings. Follow us on Instagram to be notified of when we will be serving tea in store. 



We will be holding regular tea ceremonies throughout November and December 2019. These ceremonies have limited spaces available and booking is essential. Book your place here. 



We will also have an incredible selection of tea and tea ware sourced by Cloud Hidden Tea available in store and on our website very soon. Email to enquire or sign up to our newsletter to be notified.