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Alchemy Plant & Sun

Aromatic magic from Nature, alchemised & bottled for your Soul.

The Alchemy of Plant and Sun emerged from the Earth, where it blossums as a garden and anoints as the homegrown apothecary, based in the Byron Hinterland of Goonengerry, NSW.

Each lotion, potion, unguent and remedy have been created from plants - grown within the home garden, from the wild or organically sourced, with much care and dedication to ethics, potency and locality.

Each one is carefully handcrafted with seasonally ripe herbs, flowers, trees and seeds of which are picked and harvested with conscious intention.

The creatress of Alchemy of Plant and Sun has intuitively chosen these unique blends of aromas, plants and oils to connect with the nature of Shackpalace Rituals. She works with plants so that they may salve our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. 

So Let thy food be thy medicine; and thy lotion and potion be thy food for your Soul.

Dedicated to the love and wellbeing of our community.