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Shackpalace Rituals Teas

We live in a world where we are bombarded with information telling us what to do in every aspect of our lives. Yet, ultimately we are the only person who knows exactly what we need to do, eat, drink, say at every point of time. We need to walk our own path, from beginning to end, realising our own potential and unique intuitive abilities. 

Rather than relying on someone else’s idea of the perfect tea blend, creating your own mix each time you make a cup or pot of tea, allows you to enjoy exactly what you sense you need at that particular time.  After a heavy meal you may feel like some peppermint tea with added chamomile to help digestion, or mid morning include some ginseng, ginger & liquorice with your sencha green tea to help boost energy levels and brain power.    Mix it up, try different combinations, keep experimenting and be your own alchemist.   Buy single, organic teas & a beautiful teapot, and make a mindful tea ritual an inspiring part of your daily routine.