Smudging Ritual

Smoke has been regarded as deeply cleansing and spiritually powerful to many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. In addition to warding off insects and disease, shamans commonly burned sacred plants and used their smoke to ascend their intentions to the heavens; a way to connect the material and spiritual worlds.  Calling upon the spirits of sacred plants through a burning ceremony was also believed to dissipate negative energies and bring balance to a person, group or space.


Native Americans have used sage to connect to the spirit world and cleanse the body and space for ceremony for thousands of years. The life force energy of it’s smoke penetrates deep into the ether and alters the vibration of a space, or living being, by absorbing any heavy, dense energy. From a scientific perspective, sage has been proven to absorb up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria, making it an excellent ritual for the home.