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Finding peace and enjoyment in rituals, bringing our full attention to them, was well understood by our ancestors across the globe. In a time where resources were not as plentiful, those objects that gave the opportunity to come back to the body, to be in the moment, not concern ourselves with plans or worries, were a symbol of luxury and highly revered.


Luxury, is about time and attention - and seeing that we are rich when we give ourselves these two gifts. Through mindful rituals, we can deepen our connection and appreciation of our senses. Setting aside time to luxuriate being in our body, or simply being, we can find a little more joy by celebrating life in this moment.


Ryoko's collection of soulful products can aid in this practice. On these hand-made, organic objects an imprint of their creator is left behind, signalling their true uniqueness and the care and attention that went into making them. We describe them as having a ‘soul-living-in’ property.


Equally, our products from the natural world give us the opportunity to appreciate what already exists, experiencing the pleasure that nature offers us. By listening to the different tones that can be found in natural incenses for example, we can switch off from the outside world and switch on to our inner world.

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