Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set
Tohaku Candle Set

Tohaku Candle Set

Handcrafted modern ritual candles crafted from pure Haze (sumac) wax with cast iron KOMA candle stand.


Small Set: Includes 7 Small Candles + 1 Small KOMA candle stand 

Small Candles: Diameter 1.6cm Height 8cm. 80-minute burn time.

Small Koma: Width 3.3cm, Depth 3.3cm, Height 2.8cm


Medium Set: Includes 2 Medium Candles + 1 Medium KOMA candle stand 

Medium Candles: Diameter 1.9cm Height 11cm. 130-minute burn time.

Medium Koma:  Width 4cm, Depth 4cm, Height 3cm

Large Set: Includes 1 Large Candle + 1 Large KOMA candle stand 

Large Candles: Diameter 2.4cm. Height 13cm. 240-minute burn time.

Large Koma:  Width 5.5cm, Depth 5.5cm, Height 5.3cm.


TOHAKU is a homage to "The Pine Trees Screen," drawn by Tohaku Hasegawa, one of the most famous painters in Japan. The pine trees in the painting depict the landscape of Nanao City, and Tohaku-san created this artwork while recollecting his memories of the beautiful nature of his childhood home. The flame is an extension of the gentle lines of these trees, reminding the viewer of a rustic simplicity.

Traditional WA-ROUSOKU or Japanese candle handcrafted in Nanao, Ishikawa by artisan candle makers Takazawa Candle, established in 1892. The TAKAZAWA candle flame burns bigger and brighter due to the structure of the unique wick which is much thicker in diameter than western offerings and when extinguished, releases only a very subtle odour.

How to burn a candle safely
1. Japanese candles burn with a large, bright flame. Keep the candle at a safe distance from other items and do not place flammable items above the candle.
2.Candles will melt if left in warm places such as a car in summer, etc. Store them in cool places out of direct sunlight.
Before Lighting
1. Use a candlestick that is the correct size for the candle. Secure the candle up right making sure it doesn't wobble, and light it in a place out of reach of wind and breezes.
2. A white powder may appear on the surface of WA-ROUSOKU. This is a trait unique to plant-based wax and occurs when the wax crystallizes. It is not a quality defect.
3. Please note you do not need to push down a candle until it reaches at the bottom of a holder. When a candle stops and does not go down any further, it is the right place.
4. Warm up wax left on the candlestick with warm water, melt, and rinse. Wipe the candlestick with a soft cloth and make sure to dry the candlestick completely before using it again.
While Burning
1. While the candle is burning, cut the black burnt part of the wick down to adjust the size of the flame. A specialist wick trimmer is recommended for this. Melted wax may splatter if you extinguish the candle by blowing it out.
2. Do not place lit candles close together. Heat from one candle may cause the wax of a nearby candle to melt and run. Keep candles within your line of sight.
3. Do not leave a room without fully extinguishing the flame of any lit candles.