Orange Sacra [Burning Resin]
Orange Sacra [Burning Resin]
Orange Sacra [Burning Resin]

Orange Sacra [Burning Resin]

For Burning

A deep, zesty orange aroma to bring stillness to the mind. Great for deep meditation.

Size: 50grams

Origin: Oman

Ingredients: Organic Boswelia Sacra Frankincense


To burn our natural resins you will need a heat proof dish, a charcoal disc and a lighter or match. 

Begin by lighting one edge of your  charcoal disc and placing it in your dish or incense burner. We advise keeping a barrier of sand or stones between your dish and charcoal to protect your dish. 

Wait a few seconds while sparks light up across the disc. Once the whole surface is glowing, it’s ready to use.

Place a piece of resin directly onto the lit disc to burn. Add small quantities at a time as to not smother the disc.
Enjoy the scent

After use, make sure you immerse the remains of the charcoal disc in water. It’s advisable to keep charcoal discs (lit or otherwise) out of reach from children.