Brown & Caramel - Cleon Shackpalace Rituals
Cleon Shackpalace Rituals
Black & White - Cleon Shackpalace Rituals
Cleon Shackpalace Rituals


Sculpted concrete vessel. Handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia. 

Size: 25cm x 16cm x 12cm

Care: Similar fragility to a strong ceramic piece. Extra care should be taken with designs that have more delicate features.



'I like to create objects that beautify a space. People love to be in a creative, visually stimulating environment and these days it seems that we’ve been inundated with mass produced product to feed this desire. At Relik, we believe that each sculptural piece should have integrity, be made with care by hand and add value to people’s lives. Ultimately, it’s the handmade, tactile nature of the Relik pieces that give them a point of difference in the current market.

It’s an interesting time for sculptural artists. Modern technology has allowed us to experiment with new materials and techniques. I like to work with quite crude materials such as silicone, polymers, concrete, sand and paint. I also like the fact that my pieces can stand on their own as sculptures and decorative objects or be utilized to hold water, soil and plants. They can be used for many different purposes, but they are considered art because they are unique and aesthetic, with a clear concept behind their creation.

I’ve always been inspired by nature and I’ve also had a life­long interest in combining different objects, colours, images, textures and shapes to create art. My passions, studies and the past six years working full­ time as a visual artist have allowed me to gain invaluable insight into how certain materials work with each other in aesthetic and structural harmony. Over time, I believe I’ve gained quite a unique perspective on the qualities of different metals, woods, stones, resins and concrete. I look forward to exploring more mediums and continuing to express my ideas in the visual art realm.'  - Luke Mansini


Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of this piece, each piece is slightly unique in colour and texture. Please contact us if you would like us to send you photos of the specific pieces that we have available.