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HippyLuxe Food

HippyLuxe Food has been created by Lorna Garden who has practised as a dietitian and sports dietitian (Collingwood Football Club & the Australian Cricket Team)  for over 25 years.  More recently, a love of surfing, the outdoors, and overall well-being has inspired an interest in ‘hippy luxe food’ – food that is sustainably produced, sold fresh & locally at farmers markets and organic stores, has minimal processing and packaging, but is cleverly and beautifully prepared, presented and enjoyed by everyone.

HippyLuxe Food is all about inspiring a different way of looking at how to nourish our bodies & minds.   We don’t follow any particular dietary regime, but love to eat intuitively and enjoy plant based eating, and sharing good food with friends & family. 

We share great food ideas, inspiring recipes, healthy places to eat, and offer unique wellness workshops & retreats in beautiful locations in Australia.