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Sumac Wax Candle Pack 6 - 150mm

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Handmade genuine Japanese candles with 100% natural Sumac (HAZE) wax.

Pack of 6 candles

Burn Time: 90mins

Candle Height: 150mm


Daiyo is a hundred year old family owned business, committed to making genuine, traditional Japanese candles using only natural sumac wax.

This wax, which is ethically harvested from the sumac trees, is called 'haze' and originally came from Ryukyu (Okinawa) in the Edo period (1603 - 1868). It is a scarce material and can only be harvested in Japan. 

As the sumac wax used is completely natural, Daiyo candles burn stably and beautifully without excess dripping wax.

Each candle is expertly hand made at the small family owed factory in the Shiga prefecture, Japan. These master candle making craftsmen are among only 10 left in Japan. 


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