Cultiver Linen

Cultiver 100% linen bedding is available exclusively in our Byron Bay store and to order via email or over the phone. 

Please contact us at if you would like to enquire about our range of linen bedding or add any Cultiver linen to your online order. 



Aside from the environmental benefits that the production of linen supports, there are many benefits to using linen in the home to sleep on. Linen is very comfortable in warm climates: it is naturally highly absorbent, meaning it can absorb a high percentage of its own weight in water without feeling wet. It is also highly breathable given its woven nature and will be temperate to sleep in, for both hot and cool sleepers.

Linen is also considered to be a very long lasting fabric, although the length of its life will depend on a number of factors like the weight of the linen and also the way it is used and cared for. The stone-washing process that is used in todays linen production does accelerate the ageing process, so the longevity that we’ve seen in our grandparents linens which were heavier weight and not as soft to start, may not be matched by linen produced today.

A great choice for those conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases, most pure linen bedding is simply designed so won’t date, can be used for years, and also is produced much more efficiently than other fabrics such as cotton, with very little water and pesticides.


"At Cultiver, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with manufacturers and knowing that our products are made with love and care, in fair and safe working conditions, is of utmost importance."

Cultiver Linen is sourced with quality, sustainability and comfort in mind. As a global brand, they source their luxurious linen from across the world, to ensure they can deliver both high quality and affordable products.  

Linen originates from Flax, an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that amongst other outputs, produces the strong fibres that are woven into linen fabric. The best linen flax is sourced from Europe (Belgium & France) - due to the gentle climate, and this is where Cultiver flax originates. The quality of the flax drives the quality of the end fabric - that is why we ensure the best of French and European flax goes into our linens. The flax is then woven and manufactured into our products by Cultiver's manufacturing partners in China.

The Cultiver production facilities specialise in linen and they visit often to monitor quality and production processes. As they have been working exclusively with linen for decades, they are experts in sourcing the best European and French flax, developing weaving techniques, stable and safe dying processes and perfecting the enzyme stone wash that make our linens soft from the first time you use them.