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When we think comfort food & nostalgic meals, Nonna’s homemade gnocchi is right up there at the top of the list.  Because she is so far away (and we are in lockdown!) we had to come up with our own version and were excited to find that it wasn’t that hard.  The sauce takes the longest so start this earlier in the day – there’s nothing quite like the smell of pasta sauce permeating the house on a rainy afternoon! 

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of carotenes which boost your vitamin A status, as well as providing fibre, manganese, vitamin B6 & vitamin C, and make a delicious low GI alternative to regular potatoes when making gnocchi.

If you don’t have time or feel like tomato sauce, these are also delicious just with a simple pesto sauce or tossed in some grass fed butter & a little burnt sage.



Gluten Free, Vegan

We use all organic ingredients

Serves 3-4



  • 2 large sweet potatoes (800g)
  • 1 ½ cups plain gluten free flour blend (or tapioca flour) + extra flour to roll gnocchi in.
  • 2 tsp sea salt


Tomato Basil Sauce

  • 800g tomatoes, blanched & peeled (or 2 cans organic peeled tomatoes) and diced
  • ½ brown onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • ½ cup basil leaves
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
  • ¾ cup filtered water
  • 1 tsp sea salt




  • Finely dice onion & garlic
  • Add to a heavy based saucepan with a little water (this a secret Nonna uses to keep the onions from going bitter!) and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add tomatoes, basil, olive oil and water.
  • Cover pan and bring to the boil.  Simmer with lid on for 2-3 hours, adding more water periodically, when necessary.


NOTE: The sauce can be made in a pressure cooker if desired which reduces lectin content and only takes around 20 minutes.


  • Add salt and puree with a stick blender or in a food processor until smooth.
  • Keep warm until gnocchi is ready.



  • Scrub sweet potatoes and cut into cubes.
  • Steam in a little water for around 20 minutes or until cooked through
  • Drain water, and puree sweet potatoes in food processor.
  • Set sweet potato aside and allow to cool to at least room temperature.
  • Add flour & salt and blend through well until soft dough forms.
  • Dust a large board or benchtop with flour and break dough into four pieces.
  • Take one piece of dough and break into 2 more pieces.  Roll each piece out into a long thin ‘rope’ around 2 cm thick.  Cut into 4 cm gnocchi pieces and press each gently with a fork to create small ridges (these help the sauce stick!)
  • Repeat with all the dough and spread gnocchi out on large board or bench so they are not sticking together.


  • Bring large pan of water to the boil, and gently add gnocchi pieces a few at a time.
  • Keep water simmering and when gnocchi has risen to the top (2-5 minutes) this indicates it is cooked and ready to be removed with a slotted spoon.
  • Spoon into bowls and top liberally with tomato & basil sauce.




Serve with rocket & basil pesto and soft goats cheese or grass fed parmesan cheese if desired (& not vegan).

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