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Over the cooler months we have become a little addicted to our morning brews – an alchemy of freshly ground organic coffee beans (sometimes decaf) and/or organic cacao, medicinal mushroom powder (chaga/reishi/coryceps, lions mane etc.), spices like cinnamon & ginger, butter/MCT oil/coconut oil/ macadamia butter and even some dandelion tea or our Healing Tonic on occasions.  The blend depends on what the blender (guru Frankie) is feeling like on any particular day.

Now that it is warming up, I prefer to have a chilled version so we get all the nutrition benefits from these great ingredients without the heat.  I use cold drip coffee from our Mizu cold drip tower as a base as I find it to be a little sweeter and less acidic in taste than hot coffee – and its already chilled in the fridge, ready to go!   

Feel free to adjust amounts and ingredients to suit your own needs & desires!



Makes 2 cups. 



Add all ingredients including 2 ice cubes to food processor and blend thoroughly on high for around 30-40 seconds.



  • Pour over another ice cube and dust with cinnamon powder to serve.
  • Store in glass bottle in refrigerator (if there’s any left!)

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