Earth & Water: Imbuing Intention into Water

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Water: It makes up three quarters of our bodies and covers most of our Earth’s surface, remaining essential for our survival. It grows our livelihoods, embraces us through our oceans, and crafts the very landscapes we walk on; an endless source of intrigue that to this day still holds its share of mysteries.

Lately, we’ve been exploring ways to use crystals to create healing energies in even our most basic rituals, by combining the water we drink with our own crystal coaster.

The awareness of certain ‘programmable’ objects like crystals is nothing new to those already familiar with their properties, and the powerful connection they share with the element of Earth. 
For centuries the knowledge that certain types of minerals could harbour intention and wisdom has been used to change the flow of energy in households, alter the fortunes of the Romans who carried them into danger, and provide methods of healing for followers of the Hindu Vedas. It makes sense that a crystal imbued with positive intention can also change our drinking water when placed nearby.

Japanese author Masaru Emoto first launched the discussion of Energy and Water into the public focus with his famous ‘Double-Blind Test’, in which 2,000 people in Tokyo focused positive intentions toward water samples located inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California, with striking results.

...Ice crystals formed from both sets of water samples were blindly identified and photographed by an analyst, and the resulting images were blindly assessed for aesthetic appeal by 100 independent judges. Results indicated that crystals from the treated water were given higher scores for aesthetic appeal than those from the control water..” Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA

The study rocketed to fame when the film ‘What the Bleep Do We Know?’ featured it on the big-screen in 2005, and since then it’s never quite vanished from the public imagination. The crystals were focused on at room temperature before being frozen, and photographed using a microscope. The crystals that were ‘controlled,’ compared to the ‘positive’ samples showed a slightly rough shape, while the water focused upon by the participants in Tokyo showed an elegant symmetry when viewed.

Other experiments using a similar rationale showed similar results; water focused upon using the words ‘You are an idiot’, as an emotional base showed a rough and unsteady pattern, while reinforcements from a Buddhist prayer yielded a beautiful and even pattern under a microscope. The very molecular structure of the water had changed for the better. 

Water is often something we only drink out of necessity, but if we could somehow harness the hidden power of our earth’s most abundant liquid and imbue a little of the peace and symmetry we see in Emoto’s ice-crystals, then there’s a real chance it could improve our wellbeing.

By combining the simple act of drinking with the powerful properties of a crystal, we think that the intention borne of both elements of Earth and Water can combine in a beautiful way; and create further harmony within us. 

Begin by cleansing your crystal coaster in preparation for your intention to be imbued. There are a variety of ways to do this, however one of our preferred methods is to wash the crystal in the ocean under a full moon.

Next hold the crystal (perhaps in meditation), and picture it as a divinely clean and glittering vessel, into which you then picture all of your intention flowing. This can be for Healing, Immunity, Energising, or any other purpose you may think of. You can then use the Coaster to positively energise the water you drink, or food you eat!

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We are experimenting with this ritual over the next few weeks and we’ll let you know how we go! We’d also love to hear your experience with crystal healing and infusing your water/ food with positive intention too! 

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