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S: Do remember what sparked your love for fitness?

T: I don’t remember a moment when I knew I loved being active and exercise because I’ve always loved those things (as long as I can remember) but I do remember when I decided I wanted to pursue it as a career. I was loving in Sydney and had just finished my cert 4 in fashion design. My dad and his mates were passing through Sydney and we all had dinner. They all kind of asked me what was next, did I want to stay in Sydney and work or move to Byron and find a job, what kind of job in fashion did I want etc. I just remember saying , quite assured, “I don’t think I want to work on the fashion industry as it is constructed at the moment. There is people doing great things but at this stage it isn’t for me.” They then proceeded to ask “so what is it that you love doing”. The answer was clearly exercise and with parents as supportive as mine it was always a given that ‘your passion should be what you do everyday’. So I proceeded to do my cert 4 in fitness and got a job at a few f45 studios in Sydney. Lucky I was taught that you can manifest whatever you wish so once I acknowledged what I wanted it kind of fell into place.

S: What inspires you and gets you in the zone to work out and create?

T: I am inspired by many things but most of all the feeling after working out. Whatever mood I am in when I start a workout, at the end I am always feeling the endorphins above anything else. Other people also inspire me. The way you can push yourself mentally and become aware of your capabilities, strength and own power is incredible to watch and incredible to do for yourself.

S: Lets talk about I AM WILDA! What’s unique about your training philosophy?

T: I feel like I AM WILDA has come from a place of pure passion. Wilda means ‘to strive for” which is a concept I believe we should bring into every aspect of our lives. Whilst it’s super important to first and foremost be happy and find contentment in the moment you’re in, this does not mean you can not strive for more or betterment. This is more about personal growth then anything else. I believe that happiness can only be found in enjoying each moment- the big and the small, the exciting and the seemingly mundane. However being happy where you are but knowing you can always learn and grow more and more is key. I want people to focus on choosing what makes them shine whilst also getting comfortable with pushing the limitations they have set on themselves. I want fitness to be used as a tool for mind, body and spirit. Wilda aims to teach that fitness should not and is not all about aesthetics- it’s a mental release, a show of pure willpower, a pathway to realising you are limitless.

S: Can you share with us a few great ways to include exercise in our daily rituals?

T: I tend to train with friends. Focusing lately on building strength with a few conditioning sessions (because I love the burn) - I have being really loving my own training. I like to mix it up, if I find I’m getting bored with a style of training or am not feeling it a particular day then I’ll find another way to move my body. I have gotten a lot better at getting up and moving in the mornings however this wasn’t always the case! These days I wake-up-and-go usually (unless my body needs a little extra sleep) I’m teaching class or going for a surf or doing my own gym sessions. I have found since starting the ritual of beginning my own day with movement it sets an intention of accomplishment for they day and I tend to get more done! That doesn’t mean mornings are for everyone- I think it’s good to find something you love that requires moving your body and then you won’t even think twice about doing it everyday!

S: What is something that is a treat for you, what do you think of when you feel like indulging?

T: I am a chocolate addict. I have no shame in saying that. However I wouldn’t really call it an indulgence because I don’t like to think of any food like that. ‘Everything in moderation’, right?! My eating habits are pretty wholesome thanks to my families awareness of great foods. I eat whole foods and extremely minimal processed ‘stuff’ so I don’t really view much of it as a treat as I never feel like it’s bad. I feel like we all have such interesting and unique ‘food rules’ that half the time we aren’t even consciously aware of what we are limiting and what we let ourselves eat in abundance. It’s good to bring these things to the forefront and question why you think of certain foods as good or bad. The binging and restricting cycle stops when you have knowledge of what makes you feel good and gives you good energy and then eat freely.

S: Besides wholesome food, what are some other practices you include in your life that brings you joy and balance?

T: I find joy in a lot of everyday things. Jumping in the ocean and laying on the beach. Spending time with family is very special to me. I love a good chat with a good friend. Likewise, living in Byron I am blessed with many eye opening, heart-filling conversations with strangers too. A nourishing meal with people I love is obviously high up there (I’m a massive foodie). These are all such beautiful things for me and I get to do them so often, which leaves me very grateful for this little life! So many little moments. 

S: What has been the most rewarding moment or accomplishment on your journey so far?

T: Clients thanking you for helping them in their journey with fitness is very rewarding. However, clients thanking you for being there and listening and helping in their journey of life is the most special part. Trying to create an environment where people feel comfortable to share openly and ask for help when they need it is so important to me. Personal training is not all about fitness, the whole first word makes it about creating a relationship with someone and helping each other grow.

S: What is your go to, easy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

T: Most breakfasts these days are a smoothie - banana, berries, protein powder, spinach, cacao, greens powder etc! I mix it up but I love a good smoothie and it sits well with me before training! Lunch is usually a salad with either local tempeh, chicken or fish as a protein source; avocado for healthy fats (and because they’re delicious); purple sweet potato is my go to carb source... I’m slightly addicted (I have it cooked and cooled for resistance starch). I’ll always add lots of lettuce, cucumber, sauerkraut, pomegranate vinegar dressing etc! Dinner changes but sometimes a good curry or roast veggie salad! There’s sometimes snacks throughout the day (chocolate or some fruit) and sometimes it’s only two meals and more snacks... I try to listen to hunger cues but if there’s good food in the house I definitely eat a lot of it!

S: What challenges (if any) do you come across in maintaining your daily self practice? 

T: I feel as though, firstly, it’s important to not view exercise as a chore. If this is a common mindset for you and you use it as punishment or have to ‘force’ yourself to do it a lot of the time... then I think you may be doing it wrong. There a lots of different types of exercise and movement and finding something that suits you and that YOU enjoy is always crucial. That’s how I view it. If my body needs rest I will rest it and go for a walk or jump in the ocean instead. I haven’t always been good at this but these last few years have taught me a lot about myself and how important it is to listen to what my body and mind need each day.

S: Where do you see the food culture heading in Australia and the world? is produce sustainability something that concerns you? and how do you think we can individually make a positive difference in the way we consume?

T: I think we are at a very interesting time with the diet culture not only in Australia, but in a lot of countries. The age of social media have brought about the ability to very easily share information. This has its benefits but also needs to be used wisely. We can so easily see what other people are eating and either feel guilt or judgement according to our beliefs around ‘healthy food’. It’s easy enough to sit back and say “this is how you should eat because it works for me and I’ve read A,B,C about it and it’s the best”. However there is conflicting research left, right, and centre about what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for you. Its a dangerous thing to be so adamant about one way of doing anything and closing your mind off to someone who does it differently. Different things work for different people. In saying that- anything we can do to help the environment in our consumption of food should be a priority. Whole foods- that come from the earth- and are grown with consciousness are always my go-to. They’re good for me and the environment. Currently I eat only white meat and do this in moderation... it’s always local and free range/ line caught. The rest is a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. This works for me and I do this with the environment and my health in mind. I believe if everyone thinks of both of those things when choosing what to consume, whilst endeavouring to learn about both the environment and health more, it will make a world of difference.

S: What is one thing you have never attempted before... but want to include in your workout regeime?

T: I have recently been wanting to try more martial arts. I love boxing and have been doing it for fitness, mind-body connection and enjoyment for many years so I think I’d love to try some different styles like jiu jitsu or Muay Thai ! I think training different ways is super important so I’m up for trying anything and everything!

We would love to thank Tascha for her time, energy and passion. She is an amazing woman and inspiration and we are so blessed to support her and have her support. Her passion is undeniable and we welcome you to please follow IAMWILDA via Instagram.

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