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My Oracle & Tarot Journey

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I can’t really remember exactly when I started reading cards as a genuine guidance tool… but I do remember discovering a deck of angel cards hidden in my mums drawer as a little girl. I would look at the cards and the images and just drift off into a fantasy realm, not really understanding at that age the purpose of the cards, merely thinking they where just beautiful pictures of angels and fairies and a doorway to let my imagination roam free… Later I bought my first Oracle deck as a teenager… a mermaid deck that has been until this day, one of my most powerful connections to the spirit world as my most used deck. Now with about 15 Oracle Decks in my collection including the stunning SUPRA ORACLE deck, I have only in the last few weeks brought the first ever Tarot Decks into my life… It might seem strange to have never owned a Tarot Deck before then, out of the blue purchase 2 desks in such a small space of time…One of them being the beautiful PAGAN OTHERWORLDS TAROT and the other was a deck I had seen online before in the past that I knew I loved. Because they where both such unique decks equally grabbing my attention and on the more contemporary side of tarot design, I felt like I needed both to confirm each other as I learn Tarot. Apparently legend tells that your first Tarot deck needs to be purchased or given to you by someone else… but I believe if it feels right to buy for yourself then why not, I think its always nice to choose a deck(s) that you are drawn to or know you will have a connection with.

Tarot hasn’t really been something that I was curious to explore in my 20’s, I guess a part of me was always content and comfortable with my Oracle (or Angel) cards with the openness to let Tarot come to me on its own when the universe decided it was time. I have always considered Tarot quite serious and powerful… something that must be accepted without force and ego attached. Now in my 30’s with alot of amazing karmic energy surrounding me I’m personally in a transcending place and levelling up my higher conciseness where I feel like I can handle that little “extra” from readings now… I also feel like I’m in a gentle energy space to have the patience to really delve into the craft to understand all the suits, history, structure and meanings of the Tarot with a more open mind. Everyones journey with the divine is different. I have only ever done what feels natural to me when exploring my intuition and the way I seek answers, guidance and gaining wisdom of the paths to all manifestations. I want to express that what has worked for me will not resonate with everyone, nor guarantee a similar experience or result.

Just to share with those reading this what the Tarot involves if not familiar already... The tarot is simply a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life’s karmic and spiritual lessons, and the 56 Minor Arcana cards (16 court cards & 4 suits with 10 cards each) reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis. Every lesson we meet in our time here as humans can be found in the 78 Tarot cards. And when we consult the Tarot, we’ll get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live a fulfilled life. It’s like holding up a mirror to yourself so that you can access your subconscious mind. 


| Above is Supra Oracle |

So continuing, my two tarot decks after a few months of consideration and meditation are; The Salvador Dali Universal Tarot and PAGAN OTHERWORLDS TAROT. Both had a strong pull on me, possibly because Dali is one of my most beloved surrealist and I love the story behind how these cards came into fruition for the artist, through a movie deal as a commissioned deck to be featured in one of the original Bond films for a casino scene. I think the more I read about Dali and his life, the more the clues in the cards reveal themselves… these cards really draw out the subconscious. With the PAGAN OTHERWORLDS TAROT deck I was absolutely fascinated by the renaissance imagery that feels more human-like (3D) and offers me really detailed interpretations into the card characters. I also love the 5 extra holographic moon cards which are mind-blowing! As a text book Pisces I have an undoubted connection to the moon and its influence… so these moon cards feel like such blessing. Plus this deck felt fated due to the fact the fourth edition was just recently released just at the very same time I was ready for tarot in my life.


| Above is Pagan Otherworlds Tarot |

I'm continually surprised with both decks, how fast the cards open up and speak to you, almost like they are their own silent teacher… They begin to make their own personality shine, so I’m really happy with the short time I have had with them so far. Both decks were opened under a full moon and cleansed with Palo Santo before I cut them. Both decks came with a complimenting book explaining in more detail each card and how to interpret them, which I read front to back. I would highly recommended reading a decks book while analysing each card in detail before you start using them, no matter how familiar you previously are with the original 78 cards, especially decks that stray a little bit from the traditional Tarot.


| Above is Pagan Otherworlds Tarot |

Having said this, I feel it is also important to remember that reading cards isn’t about reciting whats in the book from memory or having a standard script for each card. Each time you look at a card you should see something different, perhaps there is something hidden in the visual you have never noticed before, you hear something you didn’t hear before, like a new word pops into your head, you feel a new energy, sense something unique from when you last held and observed the card, you look at it with a new perspective and realise the message has changed. The way they sit next to each other, if they are reversed, if they fly out, if they show a pattern, if the numbers ad up, if they are reconfirmed, if they come out twice, if they make you laugh out loud! The combinations are endless. How magical they are. So have respect for the cards and be kind and love them… as they are a reflection of yourself in the present moment. We don’t live our life by the cards, we just continue being on our journey with no expectations or attachment.

My readings so far have been accurate, consistent and enlightening. It almost feels liken overnight confidence in getting to know them all (the cards) and I am excited to expand with them further… they almost feel like new little friends. I can with my whole heart, vouch for the PAGAN OTHERWORLDS TAROT and SUPRA ORACLE decks we have here at Shackpalace. I don’t believe you have to be an old gypsy fortune teller or fit into any stereotype to play around with these cards, they are beautiful and user friendly. Anyone who wants to pick up a deck and have a try should go for it.

Oracle is a great all rounder and Tarot does have its strict format, however its like anything in life… practice with an open heart can deliver amazing insight and wisdom into oneself. Besides using my 2 tarot decks to clarify each other, I have also been working with the SUPRA ORACLE and PAGAN OTHERWORLDS TAROT separately and sometimes together. (Together means I'll pull a card from a different deck.. not the main deck I am using just to reconfirm/clarify a message.)

| Above A Oracle Spreads for beginners…pick 1 card (an answer/message), 2 Cards (general energy & current focus), 3 cards (past/present/future) or 4 cards (general energy/past/present/future) |

Just the SUPRA ORACLE deck on its own is really gentle and nice as a general energy or personal guidance reading. Great for asking a simple question and getting a simple answer. I would suggest these Oracles to people who are beginning or new to cards as they are a looser and more flexible offering with a wider interpretation… they are a more artistic and safe guide to our spiritual journey so there is no right or wrong… just positive affirmations with these cards.


| Above A spread from one of my more advanced Tarot love readings |

Just the PAGAN OTHERWORLDS TAROT Deck on its own is used for when I’m looking for a more deeper and complex love/life reading because usually this will help when I am dealing with more then myself and need to read numerous energies for many people in one reading that are coming in and out. Such as lovers, family, friends, colleagues and new people on the horizon. These spreads can sometimes go many levels with many cards. Tarot can uncover some authentic truths about oneself, so I do only recommend these for people who are confident in their levels of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love.

If you are unsure on what deck to choose from our collection, I am always HERE with helpful guidance and in our Byron Concept Store to show you the cards in person. Remember we all already have all the answers within us… the cards just ahead a little bit of light on what we already know. We are all one and connected. X

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