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Designing Your Own Personalised Beauty ritual

Posted by Samara Macchia on

Be Your Own Alchemist.

The philosophy behind all our products and rituals is to encourage you to slow down, be your own alchemist and go back to using first principle ingredients, blending exactly what you need, on a daily basis.

The benefit of this self-experimental journey is that it not only helps activate your own inner intuitive guides, empowering you to calm, heal and energise yourself, but also facilitates a more mindful & happier way of living.

Creating your own personalised beauty ritual, helps you to pare back the products that you have in your bathroom to the essentials and organise everything that you need for your morning and evening beauty ritual including all your skincare, haircare & oral hygiene products for easy access and blending.  Storing your products in our biophotonic, violet light filtering glass not only preserves them extended periods of time, it is also an excellent zero waste storage system as you can continue to refill your jars rather than collecting more and more products.

Heres our guide to creating your beauty ritual...


Step 1. 

Select your Base. The Loft Base 05 has been designed specifically as our Beauty Ritual base. 

Step 2.

Fill the back 6 spaces. These spaces are perfect for fitting 100ml bottles, 200ml bottles, 50ml jars, 100ml jars and our copper pipe canisters (for storing all your extra bits and pieces).

You can select empty bottles or jars to fill with your own favourite ingredients and blends or you can choose from our range of high quality, natural products. Here are a few options:


Carrier Oils (to blend with essential oils or use on their own)

Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Organic Avocado Oil


Our locally crafted blends made with The Alchemy of Plant and Sun.

Forest Nectar Body Butter

Cleansing Face Rinse

Hand Wash

Native Ambience Drops

.. and healing products...

Healing Calendula Balm

Warming Muscle Rub


Luxurious Skincare products by Lepaar 

Luminous Beauty Balm Composition

Luxurious Body Oil

Serenity Night Balm

Purifying Face Cleansing Oil

... for new or expecting mummas..

Nipple & Breast Balm

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil


These spaces also fit the stunning tumblers and sake cups by Made of Australia, as another option for storing items such as toothbrushes, hair ties, combs or any other essential items you may wish to include in your ritual.

Handcrafted Tumbler

Handcrafted Sake Cup


Step 3.

Fill the front 4 spaces. These spaces are perfect for 30ml bottles, 50ml bottles and 15ml wide jars.

Once again, you can select empty bottles or jars to fill with your own favourite ingredients and blends or you can choose from our range of products. Here are a few options:

Our locally crafted blends made with The Alchemy of Plant and Sun.

Balance Face Serum 

Daily Hair Oil

Deep Moisture Hair Oil

.. and healing products...

Dragons Blood

Bitten + Burnt

Bone Mending Oil



Luxurious Skincare products by Lepaar 

Precious Face Oil

Velvet Face + Lip Balm

Transforming Eye Balm

Harmonising Rose Composition

Sacred Trinity Beauty Serum (also fits into essential oil spaces)

Winter Night Repair Oil (also fits into essential oil spaces)

Firming Pomegranate Composition 

Restoring Seabuckthorn Composition

Brightening Papaya Composition

Hydrating Prickly Pear Composition

... for new or expecting mummas..

Pregnancy Face Oil


 Step 4.

Fill the 12 essential oil spaces. These spaces are perfect for storing all your favourite essential oils, ready to blend into your other oils and balms or use in your diffuser. You can buy our empty 10ml biophotonic glass bottles to store your own essential oils in or you can choose between our range of pure, therapeutic grade organic essential oils.


Step 5.

Choose some extras to compete your ritual. We recommend a blending bowl and spoon. Our favourites are:

Made of Australia handcrafted ceramic bowl- 10cm

Occulus Teaspoon


A few other items to complete your beauty ritual...

Handcrafted Walnut Hair Comb

Peruvian Palo Santo Sticks

Binchotan Charcoal Facial Puff

Charcoal Oil Blotting Paper

Custom Labels for your empty bottles and jars...

Custom Labels- Simple

Custom Labels- Sacred Geometry


Step 6.

Sit your ritual in your bathroom or bedroom and use daily, enjoying your slow, self empowered, ritualistic living! 


You can also use our Loft Unit to store up to 4 ritual bases (until price includes 3 bases) 


Please feel free to contact us at rituals@shackpalace.com or visit us in our Byron Bay concept store for more information. 


With Love and Gratitude,


The Shackpalace Family xx



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